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Green Tip of the Week: Paperboard is recyclable…

Paperboard is a thicker form of paper used in consumer packaging. Examples include cereal containers, tissue boxes, drink boxes, detergent packaging, and shoe boxes. Paperboard is recyclable–often at curbside–if the plastic liner has been removed and it has not been stained with cooking oil or water. While paperboard often is coated with kaolin clay to improve its printing surface, it’s still recyclable


Green Tip of the Week: Recycled paint…

What happens to all the latex paint that is dropped off at hazard waste centers? It’s recycled and is being resold at your local paint distributors, Dunn-Edwards and Kelly-Moore, for instance. Recycled paint sells for less, but the quality and viscosity is augmented by blending it with virgin materials. For more information and a complete list of distributors, visit

Ready to go Green?

#1 – The government is expected to unveil a new program in the next couple of months that, if approved, may reimburse homeowners for up to half the cost of making their homes more efficient. Through the program, homeowners will receive the largest return from simple upgrades like caulking windows, adding insulation, and changing incandescent light bulbs to those that are more energy-efficient.
#2 – To determine which energy-efficiency upgrades are best for their house, homeowners should obtain a home energy audit. Homeowners are advised to hire a contractor licensed by the Building Performance Institute or the Residential Energy Services Network. These contractors have been trained to first test a home to determine the amount of energy it is losing, then make suggestions on renovations.

Green Tip of the Week: Rechargeable batteries…

Want an alternative to using disposable batteries, which leak toxic wastes into landfills and ground water? Switch to USB rechargeable AA batteries that do not require adapters or cables, but instead can be inserted into your laptop’s USB port—or other USB port—and be recharged hundreds of times. Visit for more info.

Green Tip of the Week: Green greetings

This holiday season, try online greeting cards or opt for recycled paper and cards that get second lives in the garden. Some cards are infused with seeds, which recipients can plant.

Visit to learn more about these and other eco-friendly greeting cards

Green Tip of the Week: Stop junk mail

You can put a stop to receiving your predecessor’s mail and save a lot of trees in one stroke.  The service is free.  More info at or call (800) 620-3975.

Green Tip of the Week: Thanksgiving grease

Recycling cooking grease, especially if you’re a fan of those giant turkey fryers, is a better option than clogging sinks and sewers. One use for it is powering biodiesel vehicles. To find recycling centers, visit and type in “cooking oils.”